Terminal Blocks (RKA)

Aluminium terminal blocks:
large cross-sections for a variety of applications

The HORA eTec RKA series of aluminium terminal blocks covers a wide variety of applications. Mechanical engineering, industrial equipment, automation, wind turbines, solar energy or other electrical engineering switchgear – HORA eTec terminal blocks are a highly versatile solution. A multitude of features presents major benefits in connection technology. All HORA eTec aluminium terminal blocks are of course finger-safe on all sides according to DIN EN 50274.

Terminal blocks compatible with aluminium and copper conductors

Unlike other product families from HORA eTec, the terminal blocks have aluminium bodies. A special coating ensures that the terminals are not only suitable for aluminium conductors, but also copper conductors. HORA eTec terminal blocks have worldwide approval for conductors in either material. An added benefit can be found in the substantially lower weight of HORA eTec terminal blocks due to the aluminium body, compared to more conventional terminal blocks.

HORA eTec has focused on relatively large cross-sections to make it far easier to connect large cables; conductor cross-sections of up to 300 mm² are supported in various versions.

The range includes a variety of terminal blocks:

  • RKA 50 (50 mm²)
  • RKA 95 (95 mm²)
  • RKA 185 (185 mm²)
  • RKA 300 (300 mm²)

Terminal blocks with large cross-sections for various conductor shapes

There is a certain reason for these relatively large cross-sections: whether round or sector-shaped, solid, stranded or flexible conductors, the added space allows all these cables to be installed. HORA eTec terminal blocks not only allow conductor connections, but are also perfectly capable of power distribution.

The HORA eTec RKA series is very user-friendly mainly due to the compact, space-saving and robust nature of these terminal blocks. All types can be mounted on mounting plates or TS 35 rails according to IEC 60715 / DIN EN 50022.

All terminal blocks have push-through protection through-out to keep conductors from touching in the middle, and possibly oxidising. The screws have hex heads allowing the constant high torque required while installing the conductors using an Allen key. The turned screw ends prevent damage to the relatively soft aluminium conductor material on installation. The body and the plastic housing are designed to ensure effective heat dissipation while in use.

Control line tapping as standard on terminal blocks from RKA 95 mm²

All versions integrate measurement connection as standard in all RKA 95 models at sizes 95 mm² and above, and are therefore optimized for power supply or monitoring connections for uninterrupted monitoring in HORA eTec terminal blocks without disconnecting previously connected supply conductors.

The accessories also make installation easier – dust covers keep unwanted particles out, and have breakouts for the required conductor sizes. Users may label the terminal blocks with the respective RAL colours for live, earth and neutral. Unique labels with clips for identifying connections for different conductors round off the accessory range.


Ewald Voß

Product Manager Electrical Components

Jessica Gerling

Sales / Back Office

Terminal blocks product benefits

  • Cost, weight and space savings from optimized aluminium body and compact design
  • Suitable for all round and sector-shaped solid, stranded or flexible conductors in copper or aluminium in a variety of applications ranging from industry to energy
  • User-friendliness with easy installation as well as additional features and extensive accessories
  • Measurement and and control line tapping as standard from RKA 95


    • IEC 60947-7-1
    • IEC 61238-1 (Class A)
    • UL-1059
    • UL 486E
    • CSA C22.2No.158-10



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