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Meter panel wiring according to the new norm with main line branch terminals (HLAK) from HORA eTec GmbH: Since September 1, 2020, the new norm for the main connection in the meter cabinet, DIN VDE 0603-3-1, has been in full force. The HLAK series from HORA eTec has been meeting the VDE requirements since 2018 and is available at short notice. The products of HORA eTec are particularly characterized by a modular and space-saving design. Torque losses are avoided by avoiding the use of brake screws.

Although the new norm DIN VDE 0603-3-1 already came into force in September 2018, the expired transition period (September 1, 2020) makes the topic more relevant than ever. All electrical installers and power supply companies are now firmly bound by it and must use main line branch terminals in accordance with this norm, corresponding to the new specifications in the meter cabinet. “With our HLAK series users are on the safe side. They act in conformity with the law and meet the specifications of the VDE”, says Dirk Niestrat, Managing Director of HORA eTec GmbH.

The new norm applies to all meter panels of the house and building installation technology. It specifies the characteristics of the relevant main line branch terminals for copper conductors up to a rated voltage of 400 V AC and nominal cross sections of up to 70 mm². Their field of application are the aforementioned meter panels in residential buildings, schools, administration and office buildings.

HORA eTec meets all requirements

Compared to the previous specifications, the new norm DIN VDE 0603-3-1 prescribes the necessary adaptations for main line branch terminals in the meter connection area, especially in three areas. These include dielectric strength: instead of the previous 2,500 volts, all main line branch terminals must now pass a high-voltage test up to 3,000 volts. With regard to tracking resistance, all main line branch terminals must now meet a higher CTI value for plastic insulating housings. The corrosion protection for the steel screws used must also be proven with the VDE certificate.

“The HLAK series from HORA eTec meets the new requirements by 100 percent”, explains Dirk Niestrat. Within the framework of a comprehensive certification process, HORA eTec set the course for the more rigorous requirements early on. In additional tests, the company has now demonstrated its full suitability and received the VDE certificate.

Reliability thanks to optimized design

The HLAK series has product features that go beyond the regulatory level. For example, they fulfill an additional heating test with 101 A as well as a high voltage test with 3,500 V for the rated operating voltage 1000 V AC/DC. The housings have a CTI value three times higher than required. In addition, the screws have a high corrosion protection and are RoHS compliant. All these features apply to the complete HLAK series: from the 1-pole to the 5-pole HLAK 25 mm² as well as the HLAK 70 mm².

In addition, the HLAK series from HORA eTec offers the already established product advantages: The main line branch terminals are compatible for copper and aluminum conductors, can be arranged in any order and combined with each other. Torque losses are avoided by dispensing with “brake screws” and users benefit from short installation times thanks to the open terminal compartment. Thanks to their compact, robust and ergonomic design, the terminals with only one 17.8 mm pitch unit are also particularly space-saving. In addition, all versions are finger-safe.

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