HORA eTec neutral and protective earth rails with in-house test methods

Demand for neutral and protective earth rails is especially high at HORA eTec. Many OEM customers have been placing their confidence in us for years, as HORA eTec supplies batches in absolutely any size at attractive prices.

We were quick to pick up on trends in its neutral and protective earth rail product range by gradually extending and expanding on the manufacturing operations in our Indo-German production partnership. Our proven European technology combined with best-cost country manufacturing provides buyers with excellent quality while keeping prices low.

Extremely small neutral and protective earth rail batch sizes thanks to Indian production

HORA eTec is also able to manufacture small batches of a hundred or five hundred pieces. We also develop solutions to specification for run-down and loosening torque, warranting particular focus on screw manufacturing in neutral and protective earth rails.

We manufacture nearly 95 percent of all parts for this market segment in India, and the rest at our German manufacturing facilities. We act not only as a trader but provide added value to our customers in this unique manufacturing mix. German manufacturing backs up Indian manufacturing, avoiding shortfalls in neutral and protective earth rail deliveries.

Quality control plays an important role in neutral and protective earth rails, so we have worked together with our colleagues at Shiv-Om Brass Industries on launching a specialised test procedure. A camera-based inspection system automatically measures and documents screw-in depths, making sure we catch potential production errors at an early stage.

services and cross sections

Cross sections: 6 x 5 millimeters up to 20 x 12 millimeters, length up to 1,000 millimeters

Batch sizes: From 500 to 1 million units depending on cross-section dimensions

Electroplating: Electrochemical nickel plating, tin plating

Materials: CuZn39Pb3, CuZn42Pb0, aluminum alloy on request


Bettina Hägerbäumer

Sales Manager International

Elisabeth Wollny

Sales Manager International

Dirk Heinze

Sales Manager D/A/CH